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The Ultimate Bath Experience.
Welcome Friends! 

Bathe In Butter Products are made with all Natural ingredients. Yep! That's no Sulfates, Parabens, or any other harmful chemicals. Your body is a temple right? Let's start with the outside! Whether it's Dry skin, Eczema, or Psoriasis. All soaps have amazing skin benefits and Anti bacterial properties.

Each 4oz Bar is made with the most Luxurious Butters of the world: Shea, Cocoa, Kokum, and Mango Butter to name a few.

*Try our Premium Scented Bars with beautiful designs with color. These change monthly, so get them while supplies last.

Bath Teas
Jasmine-Rose & Eucalyptus Spearmint Relaxation Bath Tea, is an invigorating experience. An impressive Botanical blend created to put your body at ease. It fizzes to release oils into your bath, further moisturizing the Skin. The aroma is nothing short of amazing...

A great addition to your Bath.

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